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What is wrong with the blush?

Sometimes our blush looks strange! Why?     There are 2 reasons: 1) The Color: Too orange. Too pink. Too glittery. Too dark. We should remember that the blush is to make our face look healthy, beautiful and fresh. It comes to balance colors between the … Continue reading

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Eyebrows, The Top Secret of Beauty

Yes! She’s gorgeous. But you know what really draws you to her? Yer eyebrows! Great, well-shaped brows to the face are like the perfect pair of shoes making the outfit complete. How to shape and achieve the perfect eyebrow: Our … Continue reading

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The best Lip Gloss ever tried on

It’s called Dior Addict Ultra-Gloss and it’s definitly my addiction. What do you want from your lip gloss? To shine? Ok, let’s be honest! All of them shine, but the most of them feel sticky and annoying. What I want … Continue reading

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Angelina’s eyes? I want them!

              Stop being jealous of those stanning eyes. Now you can have them with only 3 products. 1. Eyeliner 2. Lashes 3. Lashes Glue       Firstly you put the False Lashes and … Continue reading

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Summer Welcome!

I wish you to have a wonderful summer! Go for holidays. meet new friends, new lovers and new experiences!  And don’t forget to always have your bronzing powder in your bag!

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Chic French Makeup? J’adore!

French women are considered the most feminine and chic. They are very confident, indepentent with strong personality, attractive and classy. Before talk about the French look, I will show you some pics. In France: And somewhere else: Now I can name … Continue reading

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