Eyebrows, The Top Secret of Beauty

Yes! She’s gorgeous. But you know what really draws you to her?

Yer eyebrows!

Great, well-shaped brows to the face are like the perfect pair of shoes making the outfit complete.

How to shape and achieve the perfect eyebrow:

Our eyebrows are personal and naturally come in a range of shapes and sizes and the best option is to work with the shape you already have rather than overplucking and changing to the shape that you admire from someone else. If you were to achieve an eyebrow shape completely different to your own natural shape, it may not necessarily mean that it would suit you as opposed to suiting someone else.
Below are some tips to create a perfect brow shape;

Beginning of brow: place pencil on side of nose/inner corner or eye. This is where the brow should begin.
Arch: the arch of the brow should be positioned outside of the iris
Tail: using a pencil, make a diagonal line from the side of the nose to outside of the eye. This is where the brow should end.

Remember to fill in the gaps with an eyebrow pencil a shade lighter to your own brow colour.

Now add shine with the MAC brush-on gel that grooms and slicks brows into shape without flaking or stiffening the brows.

Things not to do

Do not over pluck!  A very thin brow looks unnatural;  a very thin brow with a high arch looks sinister and evil; at the very best, very thin brows it make the face look permanently surprised.

Thicker brows are more youthful looking than thin brows and defenititly more stylish!

Now use your tweezers to frame your face and don’t tell anybody your secret of beauty!


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  1. fay says:

    αφροδιτη εχεις καιρο να γραψεις…..φαιη

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