What is wrong with the blush?

Sometimes our blush looks strange! Why?



There are 2 reasons:

1) The Color: Too orange. Too pink. Too glittery. Too dark.

We should remember that the blush is to make our face look healthy, beautiful and fresh. It comes to balance colors between the eyes and the lips.

Blush tip: Use 2 blushes.

First, a bronzing powder and second, the powder blush color you prefer.

Apply a bronzing powder on the cheeks and then add a little of colory blush on the top of your cheeks. If you mix both, the result will be more natural. Always remember not to put too much.


2) The brush:  The brush use to hold color from the powder blush that we used before. If it has already color, the result on your cheeks will be a mess. So, make sure that it’s clean before you use it for your new powder blush.

Brush tip: Clean the brush regularly with soap.

Now nothing is wrong with your blush. Your cheeks look healthy and fresh like the baby’s!


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