Classy women always Succeed!

What a woman should take care of, in order to look classy everyday?


Your hair should look like it’s been brushed and styled. It should not look like you just got out of bed or have been lying around on the couch all day (like some untalented stylists have leaded some women to believe).


They should be clean and groomed. The nails can be short or long. They can be polished or unpolished. The polish should not be chipping off.


An elegant day make up is the type of make up that’s focused on looking natural and radiant. Keeps it light (looking), focusing on your best features, without looking like you’re going for clubbing.

For elegant evening make up, pick an area where you’ll ‘focus’, for instance eyes, are usually common.

You could have the ‘Smokey eyes’, Chanel lips, or a sunkissed look with a bronzer instead of a colored blush.

Tip: Avoid too much glitter because the result will look cheap.

Also look: Chic French Makeup? J’adore!


Walk beautifully with dignity and grace.

Be classy, classify yourself!

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