Paris Fall 2011: The Best Beauty Looks

While the gossip in Paris this season was loud and distracting, the beauty looks were soft (for the most part). As befits French sensibility, there was effortless hair, dewy makeup, and lots of very wearable looks.

But that’s not to say it was boring. Color was used judiciously, and the usual suspects gave us challenging looks. And for the record, the braid and blue eyetrends continued throughout the Paris shows.

Best Pretty, Effortless Hair–Nina Ricci: From the non-chalant, haphazard bobby pin in the back, to the soft pieces in the front, this style just screams chic.

Best Eye–Lanvin: Not quite a cat’s eye, and not quite a smoky eye, but a perfectly modern hybrid.

Best Overall–Chloe: The nod to loose 70s hair, and the beautiful neutral eye and lip make this a look you can wear any season, all the time.

Best Overall (Runner-Up)–Chanel:The casual side knot and silvery blue shadow proudly proclaim, “Oui, I’m very French.”

Best At Scaring The Crap Out Of Us–Viktor & Rolf: A full red face is something one usually wants to avoid, but not for subversives Viktor & Rolf. This is allegedly the show that felled Lindsey Wixson with a makeup allergy. A dangerous look, indeed.

Best Use Of Color–Vionnet: Orangey lips, lots of pink blush, grey eye shadow? Sounds hideous, but it made the models looks delicate and glowy.

Best Theatrical–Mugler: We are totally behind any designer who makes the models look like birds and encourages them to scream on the runway.

Best Way To Get Lung Cancer And Wrinkles–Mugler & Louis Vuitton:OK, we know smoking looks cool and that everyone in Paris does it. But IT CAN KILL YOU. Oh, and also give you wrinkles.



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