The summer lasts more!

Huile du Voyageur and Eau Sous le Vent. Two options from Guerlain for the Perfect Sun kissed Glow. You can use it all over the body, from the neck and shoulders to your back and legs.

Huile du Voyageur is a dry oil that leaves the skin wonderfully silky-smooth. Its evanescent, beneficial caress nourishes, perfumes and enhances tanned skin leaving a subtle iridescent sheen.

Eau Sous le Vent is a delicious mist that moisturises the skin, enhances the tan and delights the senses. Protected in its bottle adorned with a stylish wooden top, this mist enriched with a vegetable protein.

Application Tips

Apply these precious products to the body all year long. It can also be applied to the hair for a “tousled” sensual, summer look.

They smell like heaven(!!!) and they give you a shimmering and beautiful skin, yet they aren’t sticky. The scent makes me think of sun kissed skin, sand between my toes and that great holiday feeling… Love it!


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